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Civil Division

Division Assistant Prosecutors

Ross A. Rhodes, Division Chief, has been with the Stark County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office since 2000.  He graduated from Tufts University in 1974 and received his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Connecticut, School of Law in 1981.  His duties as Division Chief include the supervision of staff as well as advising clients and representing them in litigation.

     Deborah A. Dawson
     Gerard T. Yost
     John F. Anthony
     Michael S. Bickis
     Stephan P. Babik

Assistant Chief
Assistant Prosecutor
Assistant Prosecutor
Assistant Prosecutor
Assistant Prosecutor


Assistant prosecutors in the Civil Division act as legal counsel for all Stark County elected officials, the Township Boards of Trustees, and other sub-divisions of government as evidenced below: 

  • Delinquent tax collections
  • Asset forfeiture from criminals
  • Legal services to county and local government
    • health code enforcement, environmental and other administrative enforcement
    • litigation in workers compensation, zoning, contracts, personal injury claims, employment and civil rights
    • zoning advice and representation
    • Approximately 70 county, school, and local agencies are represented, including
      • Board of County Commissioners
      • Department of Jobs & Family Services
      • County Board of Health, County Board of Education, Board of Elections
      • The Mental Health & Recovery Services Board of Stark County
      • Elected county officials and their offices, including Common Pleas Court Judges, the Stark County Common Pleas Court, Auditor, Treasurer, Sheriff, Recorder, Engineer
      • 8 library districts
      • 14 townships
      • 12 local school districts

Tax Sub-Division

This Sub-Division serves as legal representative for the County Auditor, Treasurer, and Board of Revision. The collection of delinquent taxes and tax related matters are handled by this sub-division. Since June, 2003, Stark County has collected approximately 60.6 million in delinquent property taxes.

Forfeiture Sub-Division

The Stark County Prosecuting Attorney's Office is responsible for seizing assets used in or obtained through criminal activity.

The forfeited assets may consist of money that is obtained through illegal activity or property such as a home, car, boat, motor-home, etc., which are an instrumental or integral part of the criminal act.

An emphasis is placed on seizing assets from drug dealers. The money generated from the sale of the forfeited assets is used to combat crime and assist victims of crime.




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