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Welcome to The Stark County Prosecuting Attorney’s Web Site

It is the goal of this office to effectively represent the citizens of Stark County in criminal and civil matters as the prosecuting attorney is authorized by the Laws of the State of Ohio.  This office is strongly committed to helping crime victims protect their rights and rebuild their dignity and lives.  We hope that the information in this web site will be of assistance.

John D. Ferrero, Prosecutor

 John D. Ferrero
Stark County
Prosecuting Attorney 


Mission Statement

The Stark County Prosecuting Attorney’s mission is to seek justice and comfort for Victims of Crime and prosecute those who break the law in order to provide safe streets and neighborhoods for our community.  This office provides legal advice and representation to the county governmental subdivisions and public officials of the county.

The Prosecuting Attorney provides education and understanding of the justice system through teaching and educational programs which are provided by the staff.

Stark County is the 7th most populous county of the 88 counties in the State of Ohio.  Approximately 380,000 people reside in Stark County with Canton as its Seat of County Government.  As Stark County’s Chief Attorney and one of the Law Enforcement Officers, the Prosecutor oversees assistant prosecutors and staff personnel.  In order to better serve the Stark County Community the office has the following divisions and sections:  Civil Division, Criminal Division with Sections (Grand Jury, Trial and Appellate), Juvenile Division, Secret Service, Victim/Witness Division and Administration.

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